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Contemporary Hand Woven Gobelin or Tapestry, uncovers, part by part, revealing different dimensions. Diversified in hight and width, it may turn a huge public hall as well as the cozy home space of a small house into a magical gates into the fantasy world.

Monumental  proportions, decorative nature and the intensiveness of the surface detail making the impression outstanding and spellbinding. 


Even though having the decorative origin dominant, the art of contemporary Gobelin is monumental by its impression.

The combination between the warmth of hand  weaving techniques and though its energetic tincture, and the expression of an artist vision reflected in impressive pieces will make you feel the sense of what we call "the fourth dimension of art".


Oleksandr Mikhailovich Medynskyi


Well known Ukrainian artist. During Soviet Union was the holding the position as The Chief of

Monumental Arts in Artists Union of Ukraine. Is registered in the register of the artists of Ukraine and

the USSR, " (18-21st centuries).

Graduated from the Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 1976, Kiev.

(Department of Painting, Department of Monumental, headed by T.N. Yablonskaya).

Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1980.


from 1976 to 1988 - participation in Republican and All-Union exhibitions;

1989 - Ukrainian National Museum of Fine Arts (personal);

1990 - Ukrainian Institute of International Relations (personal);

1990 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (personal);

1991 - Austria, Vienna, private gallery (personal);

1992 Denmark, Hurlev, City Hall (personal);

1993 Poland, Wroclaw, Municipal Gallery (solo);

1993 Poland, Shveradov, Municipal Gallery (solo);

1994 - Foundation of Culture of Ukraine, (personal);

1995 - Turkey, Ankara, Vakif Bank Gallery (personal);

1996 - Turkey, Ankara, private gallery (personal);

1998 - National Bank of Ukraine (personal);

1999 - All-Ukrainian exhibition of monumental art;

2000 - All Ukrainian exhibition "Artists of Ukraine";

2001 - Russia, Moscow, Cultural Centre of Ukraine (personal);

2002 - England, London, Gallery "Menier" (personal);

2003 - France, Paris, UNESCO;

2008 - Austria, Vienna "Real Vienna" (personal);

2008 Germany, Munich, Expo Real.

2010 Zurich, Switzerland (solo);

2011 - Vaduz, Liechtenstein (solo);

2012 Genoa, Italy (solo);

2013 Prague, Czech Republic (solo);

2014 Prague, Czech Republic (solo);

2015 - Paris, France, (solo);

2017 - London, England, Mernier Gallery (solo);

2019 - Rome, Italy, (solo);

2020 - Rome, Italy, (solo);

2021 - Prague, Czech Republic;

2022 - Austria, Vienna;

2022 - Austria, Salzburg;

2023 - England, London.

The works are in private collections and museums in Ukraine, Russia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Austria,

Germany, Denmark, France, United States, Saudi Arabia and China.


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